Friday, August 12, 2011

~ Welcome to Red Fox Farm ~

Written by Jeremy A. Doss   

    The rich landscape of New England is beautifully composed of scenic rolling hills and tall hardwood trees such as pine, birch and oak. The area around Princeton, Massachusetts, is no exception, and if one were to drive past Mount Wachusett, one could see, nestled among the foothills,
a farmstead known as Red Fox Farm.

    When approaching the main house, one’s eye is struck by the simple lines of a straightforward  colonial architecture, and is drawn to the beautifully weathered cedar shake siding, and the colorful period gardens bordered by an old fashioned stone wall fence. The lush and tastefully arranged gardens include such plants and flowers as foxglove, lavender, poppies, primrose and daffodils.
Apple and pear trees are also included,
as well as a large horse chestnut tree.   

    Red Fox Farm holds a long and varied,
but rich history.

 This home was featured in our spring 2011 issue.
See page 36

We also featured their charming porch
in our Porches & Patios section of the fall 2011 issue.

Now, here is the exciting news!

This home is for sale and can be yours!

Here is a little bit more info about the property:

Restored Homestead on 20 acres. 50x70 barn
+ Separate 2-bedroom apt.
Period gardens, stone walls, pasture.
Near Mt. Wachusett. Ideal for animals. $675,000 
 If interested, Call Merillyn: (978) 621-6730


The Hoskins' Family said...

Whom ever purchases this home is going to be a very lucky person! It's stunning!


adsgram said...

Would be a lovely place to own, but I am afraid I missed Powerball by "THAT" much! Someone will be a happy new owner soon, though, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's lovely! Will make someone a very happy buyer!

Cynthia at Shabby Friends said...

Oh My. Just discovered you through Facebook. You can't imagine how inspiring your photos are to a Texan who is baking in the hottest summer ever. I have signed up to follow. Thanks and visit me at Shabby Friends. Cynthia

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Hmmm, wonder if they would just take my house on trade?? :o) Amazing!! Just ordered my Fall's like waiting for Christmas morning now! ~Kriss~

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