Thursday, June 30, 2011

~The Joy of Collecting! A Photo Shoot Sneak Peek.~

Last Saturday, Kimberlee and I traveled to the small town of Lebanon, Illinois to do a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of A Primitive Place magazine.  

The homeowner's name is Joy and it was certainly a joy filled day at her home on Saturday.  I knew that Joy was an avid collector, but I was not prepared for what I saw when she opened her door and let me in.  I have never seen so many collections in one place.  You name an item and Joy has it!  Her home is a primitive dream come true in every way.  All I could think as I walked through her home was, "I want that, and that, and that, oh, and that!"  

Here is just a small sampling of some of Joy's awe inspiring collections.   

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Thank you for visiting A Primitive Place.  We appreciate you stopping by and hope you will come back as often as possible.
"I collect antiques.  Why?  Because they are beautiful."
 ~Broderick Crawford~
All Our Best, 
~Dan, Kimberlee, & the entire APP staff~

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The very lucky winner is…



…Denise from Prairie Blue blog!!

Congratulations Denise!! We will be contacting you soon to get  your mailing address so Tarrah and Bob can send out your awesome pitcher. You are one lucky gal!!

You can visit Denise at her blog ~here~. You may also know Denise from her Mustard Hill Picture Trail full of prim eye candy and you can visit that by clicking ~here~! 


If you too would like your very own gorgeous pitcher like this one…


…then click ~HERE~ to go the Tarrah’s blog to find out how you can purchase one of your very own!


Thanks again Tarrah and Bob!!


I have been told that Dan and Kimberlee were very busy this past weekend at a photo shoot of another great home so please be sure to check back soon for some sneak peeks of that!

And word also has it there are some awesome announcements coming with the fall issue so make sure you have us bookmarked ~ you don’t miss a thing when make those announcements. I actually squealed out loud when Kristine let me in on some of them! 

And don’t forget, if you need to renew your subscription so that you continue to receive each and every issue, you can do that by clicking ~here~!

As always, thanks for stopping by and for making APP part of your day!

Prim blessings, Linda and the APP Staff

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Made in America Summer Giveaway and Iowa Sneak Peeks!

This contest is now closed! 
We are so excited this month to announce this made in American giveaway! 
This very special Angled Pottery pitcher in Rusted Barn was handmade  and donated by Bob and Tarrah Miller of Indian Trail Pottery in Pennsylvania. They have so very graciously donated it so that one of you will win it! 
Some of you may know Tarrah – she blogs over at The Pottery Shed.To see more of the beautiful pottery Bob makes and Tarrah shares on her blog,  you can click ~here~ .
If you are a redware lover like I am or if you just appreciate beautifully made pottery, this will blend perfectly with your collections and would be a wonderful addition to your home. 2011-05-31_08-47-49_823

  Tarrah sent us this information  about this beautiful piece ~ “It measures 6 3/4” high.  The top opening measures 5” (including lip of pitcher).  Yes, all our pottery is food safe, microwavable and dishwasher safe.  It is all made here in our home...from start to finish.”
So I bet now you want to know what you need to do to enter ….
…well this time we are going to make it very interesting!!  First you must leave a comment on this post and this post only that says “please enter me” and don’t forget to make sure we can reach you easily by clicking on your name in the comment or by telling us your APP forum name or by including an email address. In each of the last giveaway’s, the blogger accounts of a few people only linked back to a profile of the blogs they read with no info on how to connect to a blog or email.
And then for 3 additional chances to win, you must add our APP Banner to the your side bar of your blog and link back to this blog post. You can right click on this banner below and save it to your computer to upload. Make sure you tell us in your comment that you are doing that so we award you the extra chances to win.
This giveaway opens right now and entries will be accepted until 9 PM on Monday June 27th. The winner’s name will be announced on Tuesday, June 28th in the evening so be sure to check back then! Thank you Bob and Tarrah for offering us this gorgeous piece!!
Now for a few home and garden sneak peeks from the Iowa photo shoots! Jeremy & Kristine traveled to Council Bluffs, Iowa last weekend and photographed four amazing homes and gardens for future issues.
The also photographed several garden sheds, two summer kitchens, an old wash house, an old school house, bicycles with baskets, antique wagons with flowers, garden arbors, pergolas, ponds and much, much more! Three out of the four homeowners lived on farms and the gardens seemed to span for acres! There were perennial and shade gardens around every corner!  Here are a few sneak peeks from each of the homes/gardens:
The first stop was at the home of Jan Goos. Here is a sneak peek of a beautiful cabinet in her kitchen. 

Do you see the C.A. Moore
can in the display below? Jan lived right outside of Silver City! How neat is that?

Jan is the proud owner of the Goos Nest.
Check out her site ~here~.
She sells Punch Needle and Rug Hooking patterns  and also makes the most beautiful hooked rugs!
Here is one of Jan's hooked rugs.
Kristine wanted to take them all home with her! I think she said that Jan was going to  ship  her a box full and a stack of wooden bowls! (wink)

Here is a little tricycle that sits right outside of her garden/coal shed. The shed was FULL of primitive goodness.
Next stop was the home of Linda Stortenbecker.  She lives about two miles from Jan on a farm.
Both, she and Jan, had rooms dedicated to Americana. Look at the vintage Cracker Jack boxes!
This next photo was taken inside Linda's potting shed. It was the first house on the property owned by Leo's family (Linda's husband). The family lived in this home in the late 1800s.They used reclaimed lumber from an old barn on the floor. You will have to wait until the summer issue next year to see the floor and the rest of the potting shed!
Next they traveled to the home of Suzanne Burgoin and were greeted by this awesome summer kitchen! Here is just one side of the shed and Kristine even cut this photo in half! I want to see more, don't you?
Take a look at this beautiful pergola!
Kristine said that this was around 30' wide x 60' long  and full of hostas and statues. Just breathtaking!
Here is an old wagon that you will see when entering her yard. Do you see her beautiful home in the background?
Here is a peek into her home:

Yes, that is all you get to see of that lovely home! LOL
The fourth and final stop was the home of Sheryl Hansen located in Council Bluffs.
Sheryl is Jan's sister. See how all this worked out? (wink)
Here is Jeremy hard at work!
Are the umbrella lights blocking your view?
Here are a couple shots from outside:

And here is one last photo...
Until the 2012 Summer Issue!

A special thank you to Jan Goos for lining up these  four beautiful homes and gardens!
We can not wait to feature them!
Kristine and Jeremy would also like to thank the homeowners, and Jan's friend, Kathy for taking care of them while they were there.
They said that they were treated like royalty. Now, that I have distracted you with these gorgeous home photos, I need to remind you to comment to enter  the giveaway! You don't want to miss out on this one! Thanks again, Bob & Tarrah!

Until next time ! prim blessings
Linda & Kristine

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who says you can’t go back?

This morning, Audrey, her mom Connie & I had headed back to Middleboro,MA where I shot the inside of a home early in the spring. This time it was to get some outside shots now that things have filled in a bit. If you missed the sneak peeks of that shoot, you can click ~HERE~!
It was wonderful to visit again with the homeowner Donna and see her yard all decked out for spring. We had a chance to sit and visit on their gorgeous patio and she treated us to some delicious goodies...
…but that is all I can show you because the rest of my pics are for a future issue!! Sorry to tease you like that!!
Okay, I am not really sorry… but it will be worth the wait  ~ ~ ~  I promise!
Then we headed down the road a bit to the  gardens and home of my friend Donna Glidden – does that name sound familiar? That’s because her gorgeous gardens, yard and porch are featured in the summer issue that is out now. I was there in August last year and was so excited to head back today. And even though it is still very early in the garden season here in New England, her yard and quintessential New England cape style home looked wonderful! Sometimes pictures need no explanation…
In addition to the garden tour, Donna gave Audrey and her mom a tour inside and I quickly snapped a few photos inside as well …168
Donna made us a yummy lunch and this was my lovely view during the meal!!234
You can visit Donna and see more of her home and gardens over her blog The Country nest if you click ~HERE~!
While it is not always possible to go back to homes we have previously visited, this just worked out wonderfully! !
Thanks Donna and Donna!! It was a delightful way to spend a late spring day in New England
Thanks so much for stopping by and making APP blog part of your reading.
prim blessing, Linda
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