Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drum roll please....

This morning I printed out the very long list of all eligible comments. I cut them into slips, and then made additional copies of the slips for all of  the kind folks that posted the giveaway on their blogs. And then I placed them all in a big yellow ware bowl. It was really full! I stuck my hand down into the bowl and pulled out this slip....

Are you ready???  The winner is...
WOOHOO! That's Donna from over at Never So Simple blog!!

Congrats Donna! I will be contacting you for your mailing address so Pam can mail your basket to you. Thanks again to everyone for playing along and a special thanks to Pam for offering to make and mail the tobacco basket directly to the winner.

We have some fun ideas for future giveaways as other very generous artists and shopkeepers
have offered to donate goodies. This could become habit forming!

 For everyone in the path of the Thursday/Friday snow storm, please stay safe!!

And please make sure to check back Saturday PM for some sneak peeks at the photo shoot we have planned for Saturday.

Prim blessings and hugs, Grammee Linda and the APP Staff

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Basket Giveaway is Now Closed!

Thank you to everyone that signed up to be entered in the giveaway, to those who posted it on their blogs for an extra chance and to all our new and old followers. And thank you for all the kind words about the magazine. It really means a lot to us and we are both pleased and humbled by the response.

 Tomorrow, March 31st, I will be drawing the winning slip from a bowl ~ the best way I know how to do it with some lucky folks having double entries. I will post the winner's name here and contact the winner for a mailing address so come back after 12 noon EST for that!

Prim blessings and hugs,  Grammee Linda and the rest of the APP staff

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Spring Giveaway!

In honor of the arrival of Spring, and to thank all of the followers of our new A Primitive Place Magazine blog, APP is having a very special blog giveaway!

The winner will receive one of these wonderful tobacco baskets made just for the winner by our friend Pam from BasketNPrims. This 14" basket is based on the larger style once used to carry tobacco to market.

Here is an example of one of Pam's tobacco baskets hung on the wall in two different ways...

...or used on a shelf or cupboard display...

or placed on a table with seasonal goodies!
This versatile well made basket will be a welcome addition to any primitive home! The winner will receive one tobacco basket – other items are for display purposes only.

Now for the important stuff ~ how to enter for a chance (or two) to win!!

First, you MUST be a follower of this blog. FYI - you don't need have a blog to become a follower. Just go to, sign up for an account without actually starting a blog. Then with that account, click on FOLLOW over in the sidebar.

Then you must leave one comment on this post and this post only  and say "please enter me". Additional comments do not get additional entries.

And this is where it gets a teeny bit more complicated....

To get an EXTRA chance to win, post this giveaway on your blog letting your readers know that we have a new blog and in that post link back to this blog. In order to get that extra entry, please make sure to tell us in your one comment that you are doing that so we can see it on your blog.

Next we need a way to contact the winner and it must be in that one comment.

~so if you blog, make sure we can click on something to get back to your blog or leave an email address in your comment.
~if you do not blog, please leave your email address in your comment.

So actually it is pretty simple to enter a chance to win this gorgeous basket - one comment per entrant and make sure we can contact you. And for that EXTRA chance, please make sure to let us know if you are posting this on your blog!

Here is the all important timeline ~
The giveaway ends at 9:00 PM EST on Wednesday, March 30th. No entries will be accepted after that time.
The winner will be chosen by random draw and the name of that winner will be posted here on Thursday, March 31st.

We want to thank Pam again for so generously donating one of her wonderful handmade baskets and making this giveaway possible. To visit Pam's blog, you can click ~here~.

Good luck to everyone and the giveaway starts right NOW !!

Until Thursday - prim blessings, Linda and the rest of the APP staff

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Hooked on A Primitive Place~

I think it is safe to say that we are all "hooked" on A Primitive Place.  So, I thought this would be a great time to show off some of my hooked rugs.  They are a very new passion of mine and I cannot get enough of them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my hooked rugs.  If you have some hooked rugs that you would like to share with us, post them on the A Primitive Place facebook page.

Thank you for visiting A Primitive Place.  We hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will continue to come back as often as you can.

"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."
~Helen Keller~

All My Best, 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

~Did Someone Say Spring??~

With the weather starting to turn warm and all the beautiful pictures that I have seen lately of homeowner's spring decor, I decided to make a seasonal display of my own.

I decided that the best place for my spring display would be the dining room table.  I always have a long rectangular wooden box on the table.  It seemed so empty and sad.  Not any more...

I had purchased the two rabbits made from old quilts a couple of years ago, but never really found a place to use them.  After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and to a local primitive store, I knew exactly what to do with my lonely rabbits.
I started by filling the box with springtime greenery.  I chose this particular greening because it reminded me of clovers and it had little purple buds on it.
I then placed five fabric carrots and the two rabbits in the greenery.  I wanted to the rabbits to look as if they were hiding from that pesky farmer.

I then placed the "Carrots 4 Sale" sign in front of the box.

I am really happy with the way it turned out!  We would love to hear about and see some of your springtime displays.  Visit A Primitive Place on Facebook and share them with us.

Thank you for visiting A Primitive Place.  We appreciate you stopping by and hope that you will continue to come back as often as you can.  Always remember, "Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn."

All My Best, 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~The Beauty of Black~

With the popularity of black in primitive and Colonial decorating, I thought I would share some pictures of some of the black items we have around our house.

Thank you for visiting A Primitive Place today.  We appreciate you coming by and hope that you will continue to stop by as often as you can.  Always remember, "A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

All My Best, 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We’ve been Goosed!

On Saturday morning, the sun shined brightly as Audrey and I gathered ourselves up, despite our heavy hearts and sadness that Bonnie was not joining us, and we headed down to Rochester, MA to meet up with our cover photographer Margo at the Gingham Goose signing event. This had been planned for some time and  Barb and her staff did a wonderful job getting the shop filled to the brim with prims, antiques and spring goodies and getting word out to her customers about the event. We were not about to let them all down!
Margo took some great pictures of the shop for the blog….lindas3
Love this bedding…lindas4
We met so many wonderful folks that stopped by to have us sign their copies of the magazine and share their love of primitive decorating with us.
Rob and Judy O’Bryan – I  loved hearing how they came to primitive decorating and how they share the quest for the next piece.
Gail and John Werra – you will see their home in a future issue!
My dear friend Donna Glidden who told me about the Gingham Goose a few years ago. You will see her gardens in a coming issue…040
She also blogs over a The Country Nest! Look at the gorgeous cabinet she is taking home. She has great taste!! 051
Audrey chatted with 2 gals that were admiring her home feature in the spring issue…053
..and Barb had a gorgeous cake for us and coffee and cold drinks too. It was so yummy!!
And then Barb so graciously let me take some new shots from around the house…
Look at this gorgeous (new to her) old cupboard…
…and I love how she used an old corn dryer to hold her bobbins! Shh .. don’t tell anyone that I am stealing that idea!

And just look at those firkins… 003
Now don’t be mad at me that I focused a lot on redware and yellow ware….006
Look at the arks and animals…..109
LOVE this old stone fruit…011
020 (2)
Oh wait – who do we have here… some fur babies wanting to join the fun and eat some cake!!047
As the afternoon wound down, Barb said she had something made especially for each of us…a gorgeous sign! Well that had my eyes leaking – such a thoughtful generous gesture. I know we will each treasure this forever!
Thank you, Barb, for making us feel so welcome and to all your customers that came by to see us. It was a very special day! To find out more about the Gingham Goose, you can click ~HERE~.
Thanks so much for stopping by as we work on building our new blog and thanks for making this a part of your day. 
Warm hugs and prim blessings, Linda
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