Sunday, March 13, 2011

We’ve been Goosed!

On Saturday morning, the sun shined brightly as Audrey and I gathered ourselves up, despite our heavy hearts and sadness that Bonnie was not joining us, and we headed down to Rochester, MA to meet up with our cover photographer Margo at the Gingham Goose signing event. This had been planned for some time and  Barb and her staff did a wonderful job getting the shop filled to the brim with prims, antiques and spring goodies and getting word out to her customers about the event. We were not about to let them all down!
Margo took some great pictures of the shop for the blog….lindas3
Love this bedding…lindas4
We met so many wonderful folks that stopped by to have us sign their copies of the magazine and share their love of primitive decorating with us.
Rob and Judy O’Bryan – I  loved hearing how they came to primitive decorating and how they share the quest for the next piece.
Gail and John Werra – you will see their home in a future issue!
My dear friend Donna Glidden who told me about the Gingham Goose a few years ago. You will see her gardens in a coming issue…040
She also blogs over a The Country Nest! Look at the gorgeous cabinet she is taking home. She has great taste!! 051
Audrey chatted with 2 gals that were admiring her home feature in the spring issue…053
..and Barb had a gorgeous cake for us and coffee and cold drinks too. It was so yummy!!
And then Barb so graciously let me take some new shots from around the house…
Look at this gorgeous (new to her) old cupboard…
…and I love how she used an old corn dryer to hold her bobbins! Shh .. don’t tell anyone that I am stealing that idea!

And just look at those firkins… 003
Now don’t be mad at me that I focused a lot on redware and yellow ware….006
Look at the arks and animals…..109
LOVE this old stone fruit…011
020 (2)
Oh wait – who do we have here… some fur babies wanting to join the fun and eat some cake!!047
As the afternoon wound down, Barb said she had something made especially for each of us…a gorgeous sign! Well that had my eyes leaking – such a thoughtful generous gesture. I know we will each treasure this forever!
Thank you, Barb, for making us feel so welcome and to all your customers that came by to see us. It was a very special day! To find out more about the Gingham Goose, you can click ~HERE~.
Thanks so much for stopping by as we work on building our new blog and thanks for making this a part of your day. 
Warm hugs and prim blessings, Linda
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winterberryprimitives said...

Linda your post made me feel like I was right there with you gals, you have such a knack , and Margo's shots were great!
What a lovely day , and the shop looks wonderful..yummy cake too!
I saw a couple of snowfolk in Barbs home, that look like they may be my designs from years ago..not sure..the tall ones up top of the cupboard
always fun to poke in someone elses home!
love it all! Thanks very much for the tour and keep up the good work!

Carla said...

Beautiful pictures! What a great shop and home! Didn't mind the yellow & redware pics at all! I halted at the corn dryer with the bobbins, and then I read your comment. Too funny. What a clever idea and why didn't we think of it before? Thanks for sharing your day. What fun!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful day!
Everything looks so beautiful from the shop to her home. The cake is so cute!!!! I love the confetti sprinled around the festive.


Dan said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day! The pictures are wonderful, the shop looks amazing, and Barb's house just keeps getting better and better.

I was also surprised to see that it looks like Barb has schnauzers. They are the best dogs ever!

The sign she gave you is wonderful! What a treasured gift! I am so happy that the day went so smoothly!


rockriverstitches said...

Wow is all I can say! Wish I could visit The Gingham Goose! I see many things that I would love to take home with me!!


The Country Nest said...

Thanks for the picture, I had a fun day and my cabinet just got hung.....I just love it! The Goose is a real fav and there is always new stuff. Always changing, always a great pleasure to visit. Seeing Linda, Audrey and Margo was wonderful. Prim friends are the best.

Y1M said...

Wowwieeee!!! What awesome inpiration I see in this posting. Love the shots of everything(just wish they were bigger...HUGE).;) I sure wish I could step into this shop. The home shots are to die for as many lovely thing to see and enjoy.

Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me with it all.


adsgram said...

Can't wait to see where you put that wonderful sign. Glad that despite a rocky start things went well...


Loretta said...

Oh Linda what beautiful pictures of your day at the Gingham Goose! I see some amazing pieces I would love to have taken home myself if I lived closer. You were smart to focus on all that beautiful redware and yellow ware! I love the APP signs Barb had made for you. What a thoughtful gift for each of you. The new blog is wonderful! Hugs, Loretta

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Looks like so much fun~ tons of eye candy~ beautiful shop~ great pics!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for becoming a follower of Holly Hills Primitives. I've got to get busy and order your wonderful magazine to sell at the shop! Dawn

Claudia said...

Thanks for sharing, the pictures are awesome!

NMK said...

It is so nice to see your new blog & all the great pictures !!!!! I can never get enough of pretty eye candy !!!!!

jaxonsgram said...

I am so glad that you have started this blog as well as the forum and the new magazine! It's so nice to be able to share things with others that enjoy the decorating styles that you do! Love all the pictures and can't wait to see more! Thank you. Jax

Kimberly said...

Thank you for sharing your day!!! SO BEAUTIFUL, The sign is a true treasure ;) Enjoy your day ~Kimberly

Gwenda said...

I am so excited, thanks for sharing all of the pictures and so looking forward to the Summer issue.

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