Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another amazing sneak peek… or the calm before the storm!!

Yesterday Audrey  I took off and I drove about 90 minutes southeast almost to Horseneck Beach for a shoot of a gorgeous colonial home! With a major very unseasonal snowy blizzard coming later in the day, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate taking photos, but Susan and Tom’s beautiful home and yard were just the ticket to take my mind off the 12” plus snow we were expecting. As Audrey sat with Susan and helped her with the homeowner’s questionnaire, I happily clicked away at room after room of wonderful prims, antiques and folk art.

Susan and Tom treated us to Panera for lunch and after a short break, I quickly got back to work as the rain and wind howled outside. Thankfully, I took exterior shots when we arrive in the morning!!


Halfway home, the snow started in earnest and the roads were slushy and messy but we made it home to my house and Audrey then made it the additional 50 minutes home from here. And did it snow. My area got 12+ inches and further west and north got many more inches. With the leaves on trees still, it created a very dangerous situation and broken limbs took down many power lines and blocked roads and even railroads. Many (hundreds of thousands) in MA are without power still including my parents and my son, DIL and Lili. They have been here all day and may be staying the night if power is not restored and I have been a busy Meemee with a 2 year old underfoot all day. Lili is calling for me to read to her, s I will leave you with these sneak peeks!!






























Thank you Susan and Tom for welcoming us into your home!!

Until next time, wishing you all the spookiest Halloween!



Prim blessings and hugs, Linda

Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the lucky winner is…and another Holiday issue sneak peek!


I printed out the slips last night and early this morning my DH pulled the winner’s name…


…can you see??? It says Mary F.  Congratulations Mary. I will be contacting you via the email you included to get all the info so we can ship out your prizes!

Thank – you to everyone that entered and for all the sweet comments!  And a very special thank you to Audrey Hanna for making the exclusive one of a kind tote bag! 


Now for that sneak peek…

Holiday issue


Did you think we were going to show you another full page??  Naaaaww – you have to buy the magazine for that!! hehehe! Nope this is just a tease!! Pictured are some of the pages of the holiday issue neatly stacked and ready for folding. Kristine stopped in to the Forum the other day to do a press check. This is what she told us “I always enjoy seeing the magazine being printed, folded, trimmed and bound. The whole process amazes me. I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw these beautiful pages! The photos are amazing! This issue is going to be the best one yet! Get ready for some serious eye candy... 6 full home tours.”

The printer starts shipping the magazines on November 1st and depending on what regional and local Post Offices it travels through to get to you and how fast or slow they are,  it will be arriving in your mailbox by mid to late November (or sooner)! We can't wait for you to see it! If you have not ordered your subscription yet...what are you waiting for?

Visit our website at for more details!


If Mother Nature doesn’t snow us out on Saturday, (YES it is SNOWING RIGHT NOW and more is predicted!!)  Audrey and I are headed out to another photo shoot so stop back late on Sunday for some sneak peeks of another wonderful home!

Until next time ~

prim blessings and hugs, Linda

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another sneak peek and the October giveaway!

This weekend Audrey and I stayed much closer to home for another photo shoot and I was pretty happy about that!  Last weekend was fun but I love traveling the back roads of central MA. There is nothing like a fall drive in NE in October!  We even got to see some pretty late in the season foliage.
Audrey and I have been to so many wonderful prim homes and it is always so much fun to drive up for the first time and see if the outside matches what we have glimpsed in pics of the inside. Living in a very modest split entry myself, I know that exteriors don’t always giveaway what you find inside. Well Saturday , the  homes exterior told the story of what we would find inside!  I wish I could show you the whole shebang, but I have to save the full on shots for the magazine. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks of the outside….
…and the inside ~ warning, lots of prim eye candy!! 027
Oh lookey lookey – what do I spy here?? Is this a creation by Lana Testa of Winterberry Prims? Since this wonderful home belongs her very dear friends Linda, something tells me it is!
And David Testa made this stove board….614
Nice huh????  And it was so nice to hear Audrey, Lana and Linda happily chatting away while I snapped pictures around the house.  After I was done, we all sat down for a treat of Linda’s yummy pumpkin bread.  It was fun to catch up with an old friend and make a new friend too! Thank you Linda for inviting us into your lovely home and making us feel so welcome!
This is a home you won’t want to miss in an upcoming issue! Make sure you get your subscription now! And if you missed any back issues, limited quantities of some issues are still available I am told. You can get ALL the detail if you click ~here~.
Now for the giveaway info! One lucky winner will receive this custom made canvas bag with the cover of the Winter issue printed on one side. Some of you recognize this photo as the home of Judy Coffey, proprietor of Country Plus in Hopkinton, MA. Just click on the store name to get to the website. Judy carries some of the same wonderful antiques that can be found throughout her lovely home!
The bag is approximately 13” x 13”.  These bags are NOT available anywhere for sale so you could be the lucky owner!
BUT that is not all! Because the lucky winner will also receive this book…EACountryHomecover
“A Return to Simpler Living: Early American Country Homes”
by Tim Tanner.
This hard cover book has 160 pages of pure eye candy. The book features 8 kitchens from the Workshops of David T. Smith and several amazing homes!
Is it OK to admit I am jealous of the winner?? I don’t suppose magazine employees can enter can they??
Oh wait, it’s up to ME to  explain the rules and the answer to that is NO – employees cannot enter. SHUCKS!
Ok, so who CAN enter?? Anyone else who is a follower of this blog!
How can you enter?? By leaving just ONE comment on this post that says Please Enter Me. Emails and FB comments do not count.  And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make  sure we have your  contact info. Despite my warnings every month, there were still several entries last month that linked back to simply a blog roll or profile with no blog /contact info or to an outdated blog with no contact info. We really want everyone to have a fair chance to win so please make sure we can contact you. APP Forum members can simply tell us your forum name if you prefer to be contacted that way.
And another reminder that the comments here have to be both seen and approved by the staff before YOU see them posted publicly so if yours doesn’t show up the minute you are done, it simply means we haven’t had time to approve them yet. Okey dokey??
The contest starts right now and entries will be accepted until 8 PM EST on Wednesday October 27th. The winner’s name will be announced on Thursday October 28th at 8 PM EST.
And don’t forget to check my personal blog
for more about our trip last weekend and more sneak peeks of that home! I hope to have that post up later tonight.
Good luck everyone!!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Warm hugs and prim blessings! Linda
The Giveaway is now closed! If you do not see your entry it is because it did not link back to contact info or include contact info.  Check back tomorrow evening at 8 PM EST to see who won!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneak peeks from our first overnight road trip!

Warning – eye candy!!
Last weekend, into Monday, Audrey and I had took our first overnight trip for the magazine. And boy, we sure had a wonderfully busy whirlwind 3 day trip!
Last year, we got photo’s of a wonderful spacious antique filled reproduction home in a small rural town in PA. The home looked amazing and I knew it was perfect for the magazine and a home I just HAD to see in person, but sadly it was just too far for a one day trip and overnights were not in the picture yet ~ no pin intended.
THEN I saw the name of the town where the home is located and I got VERY excited!! You see coincidentally, very dear long time friends of my hubby and I live in that same small town. Because of that, I thought at the time ‘someday when DH and I visit Pat and Joe, I can shoot that home.’ I didn’t know when we would make the trip again but I knew we would sometime in the future. So I mentioned that to the homeowner Diane, and she very graciously said whenever that happened, she would welcome me into her home!  How sweet was that??  079
So flash forward several months and Kristine said that Audrey and I could make an occasional overnight trip  and I knew just where we should go for our first one. I shared the home with the editorial team and they agreed it was perfect for the magazine and Audrey and I  jumped on the chance to make the long drive! And we are VERY happy that we did!! 
Not only did we meet the wonderful homeowners Diane and Alan as well as two of their sons…204
…and not only did we have the privilege of seeing their absolutely stunning home….445
…and their extensive collections of primitive antiques…307
…but we also got to see some of the pretty PA countryside…
…visit Diane’s favorite antique store….430
…AND we got to spend time with some of our out of state prim friends as well! 438
Thank you to Diane and Alan for inviting us into your wonderful home and sharing your love of primitive d├ęcor with us. We had a great time and look forward to visiting you again in the future ~ log cabin or not!
Unfortunately I don’t have time for all the other details right here or right now, so you will have to go to my personal blog Behind My Red Door later this weekend to see a few more sneak peeks of this great home, and find out who we saw and what we did! You can find my blog ~here~!
Right now I have to pack my photography equipment because tomorrow we are off for another shoot of another amazing home ~ this time much closer to home!
And do come back here early next week for sneak peeks from tomorrow’s shoot AND for our end of October blog giveaway! Two reasons it will be worth your while to stop by again!!
Until then, warm hugs and prim blessings, Linda
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