Saturday, August 27, 2011

Countryberries, a winner, and some exciting news!


Today  Audrey and I headed north to Deerfield, NH. Countryberries is a quaint shop located just miles from NH antiques alley. It was founded by Kathy Graham in 1991 and this weekend she was celebrating 20 years in business. Her daughter Kelly made a delightful cake complete with the Countryberries logo. It was on the same table where we sold and signed magazines…


…so it is no surprise that two of the accompanying cupcakes quickly met their demise!


If you have your fall issue, then turn to page 97 and you will see a tutorial for Itty Bitty Pumpkins by Kathy. She has made up kits with everything you need to make your own…


Audrey and I chatted with some of her wonderful customers like Lynne D…


and it was a delightful afternoon! Here are some pics from around the shop…





Countryberries carries pottery, redware, textiles, candles, baskets, lighting, and so much more!

Do you recognize the Mary Beth Baxter originals?? There is an empty spot on this wall now. I am just sayin….


Thank you Kathy and Judy  for   making us feel so welcome!


To find out more about Countryberries and for directions you can click ~HERE~!


And now, we have a winner!

Can we have a drum roll please!!  I printed out  all the entries and pulled a slip before heading out this morning and the winner of the giveaway is:


Congratulations  Marlene (Y1M) I will be contacting soon for your mailing address and as soon as things are back to normal after Irene visits New England, I will mail your goodies!


Something to look forward too…

Each time we take photos of a featured home, there are always many more than the editor can possibly use in the magazine. Whenever we can, we like to share some of those ‘extra’s’ with you. Over the next week or two I’ll be sharing some extra’s from some of the homes in the fall issue so come back on Monday for the first post. ( I have it set to publish whether or not I have power here. )

A Very Special Announcement!

A Primitive Place & Country Journal is very excited to announce that we will soon offer Exclusive Seasonal Candles in collaboration with Star Mills Candles!  Each season we will offer one special scent for a limited time.  Karen and I working closely on the first offering and it is going to be wonderful spicy fall blend. Watch for more details about the fall candle very soon!!


Thank-you to all of our new followers!  We hope you find something fun or inspiring each time you visit.

And last but not least for this weekend, to everyone in the path of Irene, please stay safe!!

Until next time, prim blessings and hugs, Linda and the APP staff


adsgram said...

It was nice seeing you ladies this afternoon. Luckily, I live close enough to have been able to go. And, I will have to go is just too overwhelming to try to decide just what to get. Cathy has lots of goodies. However, I WAS able to find 'a couple of things to take home" ;)

Thanks for a fun time and congratulations to Marlene...Enjoy your goodies!

Everyone stay safe...


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

A wonderful prim store packed to the brim~ so enjoyed the tour~

Congrats to Marlene~ APP thanks for a wonderful giveaway~

Looking forward to the positng of extra photos from the shoots!!!More eye-candy, to drool over~

Oh, my candles~
~ exciting stuff~

Linda thanks for posting~been missing you in blogland~

TheCrankyCrow said...

That shop looks awesome!! So, so, wish she had a branch store here (or close to) Nod!! I'm thinking I could do some damage and then some!! Looking forward to the "extra" photos and the candles! And congrats to Marlene! Lucky, lucky, you! Thanks APP for another wonderful giveaway! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Dianna said...

Congratulations to Marlene on your big win!!!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Countryberries looks like a wonderful shop ~ look at all those prim goodies!!! Thanks for sharing!
Congrats Marlene!!!
Thanks APP for hosting a wonderful giveaway!
Share away! I love looking at all your awesome photos ~ as always the best eye candy in blogland!
Prim Blessings

Susan said...

I always enjoy your photo trips on location. I want to visit Countryberries with my daughter this fall. I'm still lovin' your
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

What a great store! I could get lost in there for hours! Still anxiously awaiting my fall copy of the magazine, ordered it late and every day is agony as I go to the mailbox... ~Kriss~

Donna said...

What a beautiful shop! I'd sure like to empty my wallet there, LOL! Congratulations to the giveaway winner too.

Y1M said...

THANK YOU APP!!! :DDD I am so thrilled(could have fallen out of my chair) to have had my name drawn in this drawing for these wonderful gifts. So looking forward to receiving them as well. I can't believe I won, but very thankful I did. Thanks for all the Congrats as well ladies. :)

Wonderful pictures and post of your visit to Countryberries. I would Love to step into this shop with all the many Prim treats to chose from. There's so many....makes me giggle. :D

What a great APP Candle? WOW, Love this idea too. Looking forward to this. :)

Bring the pictures and Inspiration!!! I need it. Never can view enough. :)))

Huge Hugs,

winterberryprimitives said...

Great photos..looks like a wonderful shop

Congrats to Y1M.......wooHoooO

Susannah said...

Loved going on the picture tour with you. So many things to admire. Mary Beth Baxter paintings are wonderful. When we went to Cape Cod I was able to buy two of her originals. I met Mary Beth, too. She is a talented woman. It was nice to see her paintings on this blog.

Congrats. to the winner - Y1M.


jean said...

I DO DO wish we had a shop like this around here!!

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