Saturday, May 14, 2011

A peek at our visit to a brothel…


Audrey and I had the unusual pleasure of visiting a brothel today…

  …and this is what we saw just inside the door…346[4]


Yes indeed – we were up for that! The home we shot today for a future issue was purported to be brothel at one time in it’s storied past. Of course that closed looooooong ago, but we were delighted to find that there is still one hooker living there ~ 748_thumb[5]~ a rug hooker that is!! Shame on you if you thought any different!


The outside spaces were as inviting as the inside! 617[4]




We were very warmly …675_thumb[1]


And in addition to the hooker and her hubby, we met some other very strange interesting people…678_thumb[1]





and we even saw plenty of evidence examples of the hooking…204[5]







and we saw some other very, umm, shall we say INTRIGUING sites…685_thumb[1]





We were even treated to…

a delicious lunch…698_thumb[1]

on their beautiful screened in porch….696_thumb[2]

…and by the end of the day we were simply…



Thanks for playing along  joining us on this sneak peek! We hoped you enjoyed it!

Prim blessings,

Linda and the APP staff


denise said...

i loved it!!! denise

rachel said...

What a great post!! I laughed the whole way through! I enjoyed the sneek peak too ~ looked very prim-tastic!

winterberryprimitives said...

loved it just have a way of captivating your your wit and style
thanks for the sneak peeks......beautiful indeed!

TeresaM said...

Looks wonderful!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Nobody does it like hookers! Can't wait 'til you "reveal" more! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

The Country Nest said...

another great post~this home looks wonderful. I love the colors and the screened porch is so pretty. I can't wait to see the rest.

Loretta said...

I am hooked as well! What a fun post Linda! Oh that screened porch is just beautiful. What a lovely place for a nice lunch with friends! I want to see more! Hugs

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wonderful sneak peeks!!Pretty rugs, displays, and Love the closed in porch!
Sounds like you all had a hooking good time!LOL
Thanks so much for sharing

JenR65 said...

Looks like a beautiful home, thanks for the sneak peek!!

Trace4J said...

Love love love..All the rugs..And you dear friends hanging out in a brothel..:) he he
Beautiful pictures as always.
Hugs Granny Trace

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Linda and all of APP ~

*Love* this post ~ and the screened in porch most of all !

The hooked rugs are wonderful !


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Linda and all of APP ~

That home is sure filled with lots of *loving attention* to detail ! :o)

I love the screened in porch !

The hooked rugs are wonderful ! Very nicely made !


Y1M said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved ALL of these rugs. WELL....Obviously, there's A Whole Lotta Hooking Going On in this home. ;DDDD Sure hope the issue this home is featured in has LOTSSSS of TIPS on how to be a Nice HOOKER!!! I've always wanted to be one. ;D Beautiful!!! Love the mixture of Warm tones. Love the porch too.

Hugs to you girls,

NMK said...

Wow !!!!! Beautiful long do we have to wait to see this beautiful home in a future issue ??? I can't wait !!!!!

A Primitive Place Magazine said...

Thanks everyone - it was fun putting together this post!

In general, we are now shooting a year ahead for the season we are in. So spring shoots now are for spring 2012.

Kimberly said...

All so pretty and cozy!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics! My Best ~Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tour of a magnificent home. I love all the primitive decor, especially all the hooking that was going on. :) I never can get enough of the new england red color it's so warm and inviting these days of the white decor!

adsgram said...

Once again...VERY nice!

LibbiesHome said...

This is a fun post! Now I can't wait to see the magazine spread that features this home. Thanks for the sneaky peak. :)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Grammee L,
I am sooooo relieved. Indeed I was up all night worried that you had left your Kiln red door and primitive place to go to a brothel with you new hooker friend. Now I can relax since I know you have not become a "working girl"... however it looks like you have taken up with some unusual looking friends. Are you going through a crisis dear? If so, I am sure your Primitive Place friends and blog friends are ready and waiting to help you get through this.
Hugs, Grammy L

Gayle said...

As a hooker myself, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful home.

Speckled Hen Country Store said...

Love to see the 'hookers'!We have a great bunch of hookers in our neighborhood and fabulous 'Wicked Wool' in our shop! thanks for a super magazine, we love it!! ~ The Hen

Kori Vincent "Painting Primitives" said...

I am definitely HOOKED also. I especially enjoyed the table setting on the porch with that lovely chandelier. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

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