Saturday, May 28, 2011

Susie picked the winner!

This morning Audrey and I headed north to Susie’s Bittersweet Treasures in Rochester, NH and we were pleasantly surprised to find the traffic very light on this Memorial Day weekend. Smooth sailing all the way! And even though the skies were gray, our day was so much fun!

When we drove into Susie’s shop/home, the outside  was just as quaint and inviting as I remembered from my visit there a few years ago. 

Take a little stroll around and see for yourself…


…the shop is on the left side of the building….020

…and her home is on the right. What a great set up!










And inside was just as delightful!











Susie had a table all ready for us to set up with the summer issue and the wonderful birdhouse she donated for the giveaway was just waiting for the lucky winner!



She  took us in her perfectly prim home and she had some yummy snacks and gift baskets for us… she and her staff and friends really spoiled us!074



We had a wonderful time meeting and chatting with so many of Susie’s loyal customers and hearing stories of all the fun events she has at the store. It’s clear that she loves her business and customers and they love her!

One of her customers brought her copy of the spring issue of the magazine to show us how ‘well read’ it is!! 


Our time there was over before we knew it and Susie reached into the yellowware bowl and picked the winning slip ….097

And the lucky winner of the birdhouse is….098

…Linda from Simply Country Seasons blog! Congratulations Linda, we will be getting in touch with you so we can mail out the birdhouse! You are going to love it!

It was just a delightful afternoon and we want to thank Susie and her wonderful staff and friends for making us feel so welcome! You check out Susie’s website by clicking ~here~.


And if that wasn’t enough fun for one day, after leaving Susie’s, we just had to make a stop at the Stonewall Kitchen Warehouse store in Rochester…


…oh my….we sampled lots of goodies and brought a few home for ourselves! 


Haven’t heard of Stonewall Kitchen…. then click ~here~! 


We’d like to wish you all a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend.  May we keep the true meaning of this holiday in our hearts all year long!

Prim Blessings, Linda and the APP staff


TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations Linda!! WooHoo!!! That's some cute birdhouse - lucky you!!! Thanks Susie and the APP staff for another wonderful giveaway! (Susie - your shop looks amazing! Wish I live in road trip distance!!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

CindersNH said...

And once again when you gals get close to me, I had to WORK!!
I was so disappointed. Once of these days we will meet up.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Congrats to Linda~ another kind generous giveaway~ thanks!
Awwww the eye-candy~ Looks like you had a fun day~~~
To all have safe~happy Memorial Weekend ~
Linda~ as always~ thanks for another wonderful post~

Y1M said...

What wonderful grounds, home, and shop you have Susie. Sounds like you girls really had a wonderful time visiting. Linda, Congratulations on this wonderful win...I'm sure you will enjoy for years to come.

Thanks APP for another fun Givaway! :)
Happy Memorial Day to Everyone.


LibbiesHome said...

Try the Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix. It's terrific!!

Doris-Ann Savoie said...

Lucky girl Linda, good for you. Susie's place looks amazing. I'll have to go check her site out. Thanks to APP in showing us all this eye candy.

Susie Gordon said...

Thank you to Linda and Audrey! WE also had a great time. Thank you for all the nice complements! Have a great long weekend and as always, I look forward to my A Primitive Place Magazine! These - I keep! No handing them down!

Linda said...

Hi Susie....your new BFF here!
Thanks you so much for drawing my name. The pictures of your shop look so wonderful. I would love to visit you in person some time.
And thanks Linda for your email, I replied with my address for you. I am so excited right now to be the winner of this great birdhouse.

suzylowan said...

What a beautiful home and store wish I was there!! I am seeing a lot of eye candy in Susie's store!! Congratulations to Linda on her win!!Everyone hame a safe and Happy Memorial Day!! Barb

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Congrats to the winner, and what a beautiful home and shop and also the yard is to die for, she sure knows how to decorate!!!!! I was DRROOLING over her yard, shop and home!

Who wouldn't LOVE to wake up walk over to your shop that is in your beautiful primitive yard and then close up shop walk over and be right at home and in your beautiful yard. NOW I call that a job from HEAVEN!!!!!!!

This shop is on my list to go visit for sure!!!!!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Hooray ! I think I have found the method to leave comments ! When you sign into blogger, under your password there is a keep me signed in block.. uncheck it and you may be able to leave comments.

The photos you have shared are just wonderful of this store

and Stonewall Kitchen is the best ! Their products have been around a while and they are delicious. I used to sell them in a kitchen store called Gourmet Kitchen in the DuBois, PA Mall !

Congrats Linda on winning the birdhouse !


rockriverstitches said...

Congrats Linda!! What wonderful pictures of Susie's shop!! It is a perfect setup of her home and shop!


Kori Vincent "Painting Primitives" said...

How much fun was that!!! Susie sure has the life! I will have to check out both!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Oh wow, Susie has a great set-up! Talk about a short commute to work! :)

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