Saturday, July 16, 2011

Press Check

Jeremy, Damon and I had the privilege of touring the Forum Communications Printing in Fargo, ND, on July 14th and 15th and saw the fall issue come off the press! It was so exciting!

Here are a few photos of our visit!

This is the machine that is printing the magazine. Each of those compartments holds one color. (cyan, magenta, yellow, etc.) The paper weaves in and out of the compartments.


This is the side that the paper goes in:


Here is one of the plates. It is like a template. Oh look! It is the cover of the magazine!


This is the end that the paper comes out of after it is printed:


This is the machine that folds the pages. Look how fast it is going!  It is just a blur of color! Does anyone recognize the house in the photo?


Here is Damon standing next to a stack of finished pages. He is very excited to be a part of all of this and is such a good helper!


The fall issue is well under way and is scheduled to be released in early August.

Next week, we are going back to see the binding put on the magazines!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Jeremy, Kristine & Damon


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Prim Blessings

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Kristine, this is so exciting and you little boy is a cutie pie!

I put something about A Primitive Place magazine on my blog, I hope you get a chance to read it!

HAPPY 1sy ANNIVERSARY to A Primitive Place Magazine, and many, many more to come.
Summer Blessings from my family to yours,

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

So exciting to see it being printed~ thanks for taking us along~
August is only a few weeks away~ hmm~ now I am really getting anxious~ for some eye candy~

A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine said...
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A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine said...

Thank you for mentioning APP in your blog post! That was so sweet of you! I left you a comment on your post.

TheCrankyCrow said...

That's remarkable....I guess what impresses me most is how "clean" everything looks....When I think of printing, I think ink, and when I think ink, I think ick.....Thanks for sharing....As always, looking forward to the next issue! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Blessing Hill Primitives said...

How exciting! Damon is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the tour.

Terry :)

winterberryprimitives said...

wow its really exciting seeing it on the press...and yes I recognize the home in pic....I have been in that home many many times..and cant wait to see the magazine !!
Congrats on anniversary..1 down and manyyyy more coming~

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

What fun!! I never thought of how the magazine gets made :o) Bet Damon was in awe! He's a handsome little guy ~Kriss~

Kori Vincent "Painting Primitives" said...

This is so neat to get an inside look! Damon looks like he was enjoying the tour.

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